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Travel bottle set

Travel bottle set

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Product information:
Plastic variety: Acrylic/PMMA
Related accessories: other
Specifications: White-vacuum spray bottle long 15ml, white-vacuum emulsion long 15ml, white-vacuum spray bottle 30ml, white-vacuum emulsion bottle 30ml, white-vacuum spray bottle 50ml, white-vacuum emulsion bottle 50ml, white-vacuum Spray short 15ml, white-vacuum lotion short 15ml, white-vacuum spray bottle 80ml, white-vacuum lotion bottle 80ml, white-vacuum spray bottle 100ml, white-vacuum lotion bottle 100ml, black-vacuum spray bottle 15ml, black-vacuum lotion Bottle 15ml, black-vacuum spray bottle 30ml, black-vacuum lotion bottle 30ml, black-vacuum spray bottle 50ml, black-vacuum lotion bottle 50ml, black-vacuum spray bottle 80ml, black-vacuum lotion bottle 80ml, black-vacuum spray bottle 100ml, black-vacuum lotion bottle 100ml (g)
Process: Other
Surface treatment: spray color

Packing list:
Lotion bottle x1

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